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The Best Snack Plate Ideas that Won't Spike Your Blood Sugars!

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Nail your snack plate or "charcuterie" game with these easy snack plate ideas that totally satisfy without the blood sugar crash and burn!

Charcuterie board with an array of crackers, fruit, dips, cheese and spreads

Some people call them snack plates, others know them as charcuterie boards. Either way they are super trendy and for good reason!

A snack plate is simply just foods on a plate! But when you have hungry mouths to feed (or just your own), the daylight is quickly running out, there's no prepped meal or leftovers in the fridge, and you really don't want to rely on the drive thru, a snack plate can be the underwritten hero of the night. In a pinch we can throw together a rounded meal from whatever is in the fridge or pantry and graze. Even better is not turning on the oven in the middle of summer!

Best Snack Plate Ideas

How to Make A Balanced Snack Plate

Putting a snack plate together doesn't have to be complicated or even look fancy. The key is including each of the essential food groups which will promote satisfaction (and prevent overeating), provide us with all the essential nutrition we need from a meal, and keep sugars stable!

Hand reaching onto a veggie platter with hummus, dip, cheese, vegetable slices and fruit

When it comes to stable blood sugars protein, fiber and fat are key! Protein is not only important for fullness, but replenishes sore muscles, helps produce hormones and enzymes and keeps hair, skin and nails looking healthy! Then, fiber is the poster child for gut health. Not only does fiber help with blood sugar control by slowing down digestion and absorption of the sugar in to the bloodstream, but it also feeds the beneficial gut bacteria helping to maintain a positive overall microbiome! And lastly, fat is not only super filling, but healthy, unsaturated fats are essential for brain health, energy levels, and absorption of key vitamins and minerals.

Now grab a clean plate, cutting board or sheet pan and get started!

Wood cutting board with sliced meats and pickle showing proteins to add to a snack plate

Step 1: Pick a Protein

  1. Deli meats are typically one of the first things we think of on a charcuterie board. Consider purchasing low sodium and nitrate-free when possible for healthier choices. Or skip the deli and go for chicken salad or tuna salad for a leaner and less-processed option!

  2. Edemame (don't forget a light sprinkle of salt) provides whopping 13 grams of protein per cup with only 9 grams of carb!

  3. Add Hummus to double as both a classic protein source and a dip for the other dip-able foods you will later be adding to your snack plate.

  4. Tinned fish like sardines, canned salmon mixed with a spoon of olive oil mayo or spicy mustard and even anchovies if you're a fan!

  5. Boiled eggs can be great to keep on hand for a last minute snack plate. Splash them with a bit of balsamic vinegar to jazz them up or if you're feeling adventurous whip up a few deviled eggs. You can even make deviled eggs with hummus as the center for an even easier prep!

Step 2: Pile on Fiber

Roasted vegetables including cauliflower,  mushrooms on a bed of spinach in a bowl.

  1. Slice up some fresh veggies such as celery, carrot sticks or carrot chips, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, pea pods, broccoli or cauliflower. If you have leftover roasted vegetables you can top them with a dash of olive oil, vinegar, garlic and pepper when you don't have any fresh veggies on hand and eat them from your snack plate with a toothpick or fork.

  2. Slice up an apple, pear, or kiwi which are all high fiber fruit choices and low on the glycemic index. Or pour some fresh berries or cherries on your plate to ramp up the antioxidants along with your daily dose of vitamin C, potassium and polyphenols.

  3. Whole wheat triscuits or another hearty, whole grain cracker is a must to add to your list of snack plate ideas.

  4. Whole grain tortillas, rice cakes and pitas are great for scooping up dips, adding that necessary crunch and helping transport dips from plate to mouth.

Step 3: Pair Fats

  1. Finally, add a dip to your snack plate! French onion, tzatziki, spinach artichoke, or simply ranch out of the bottle will work giving you something to dip those veggies or crackers into!

  2. Slice a few pieces of hard cheese or snag a few chunks of goat cheese or mozzarella balls which will totally elevate your snack plate. If you have Laughing Cow cheese you can stuff it inside mini red peppers give it a sprinkle of Everything But the Bagel Seasoning for a flavorful snack.

  3. Nuts or seeds of all kinds are filled with protein, fiber and fat so they are an all-around winner.

  4. A tablespoon of nut butter or guacamole can also add that satisfying, healthy fat to round out your plate! Add peanut butter to Greek yogurt for a tasty peanut butter dip.

Bonus: Add something sweet!

To prevent cravings for sweets, go ahead and add a few options for a sweet treat so you won't be left feeling like you still need more.

  1. Choose fresh fruits in place of dried fruits as they won't cause as quick of a blood sugar rise.

  2. Dark chocolate chips paired with nuts are fabulous for kicking sweet cravings.

  3. Add 100% fruit preserves to the crackers for a hint of sweet.

  4. A few whole grain graham crackers add a sweet crunch to the board while keeping the fiber high.

Woman holding a cracker loaded with avocado and toppings about to eat her snack.

Making a snack plate is really just compiling a random assortment of foods on a plate and calling it a meal! Keep it simple, but make sure you have all the components of a balanced meal which will help prevent a blood sugar spike and keep you feeling steady and satisfied hours later. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite snack plate ideas are!

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